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Keep It Real Food Co Almond Apricot Squares
Almond Apricot Squares 3-pack
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these little squares are perfect for an afternoon on the go. just the right mix of carbs and protein, they give you the energy you need.

the story:

we've all spent what feels like countless hours sorting through options in the granola/snack/power bar aisle of our local grocery store. even bars with impressive health claims have a long list of strange ingredients. looking to simplify things, we went to the drawing board.

we wanted to create snacks with some carbohydrates and protein for busy days... for those situations when both blood sugar and energy need a little pick me up. great for kids too!

these squares just might become your go-to snack (and sometimes lunch). with a rich flavor, these satisfy for hours.

Organic apricots, almonds, organic coconut, ginger.
Katie coleman, founder of keep it real food co., was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 11 years old. at the time of her diagnosis, the recommendation was to substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners. katie quickly realized that store-bought foods marked as “low-sugar” or “sugar-free” still contained a sizable amount of carbohydrates (because of white flour or other high-glycemic ingredients), and that artificial sweeteners tasted fake and contained nasty chemicals. because of this, she and her mom baked at home simply using less sugar, and experimented with whole grain flours and other naturally low-carbohydrate ingredients. as an adult, katie became increasingly skeptical of foods with health claims like “low-carb” or “all-natural” that have a long list of ingredients, many of which look like they were created in a lab. because she tests her blood sugar level multiple times a day, katie can literally measure the effect foods have on her body, giving her a unique perspective as she designs recipes for treats and snacks. more and more, we are all realizing how important a diet of whole foods is to living a long, healthy life. this has inspired katie to take action and create great-tasting snacks made of real ingredients that will make you happy inside and out.
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