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Beach Pail Baby Wrap Bracelet
Beach Pail Baby Wrap Bracelet
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this unique wrap bracelet can be worn as either a necklace or bracelet by wrapping the chain around your wrist 3 times. a convenient toggle clasp makes conversion a breeze. the central image is of a small child filling a pail with sand. it was clipped from the 1934 book "colophon" and is submerged within resin alongside vintage watch gears. the chain is hand-reconstructed from a recycled necklace and measures about 21", perfect for a 7" wrist. size can be altered as needed, though larger sizes may require a different chain.

this accessory is 100% one-of a kind and would be the perfect addition to any vintage or beach loving woman's wardrobe!

One Size
Brynnalexis is one-of-a-kind vintage reconstruction jewelry that is unlike anything you've seen before. featuring vintage watch gears and found objects, bark, flowers, moss and other natural elements; it is truly statement jewelry that's sure to get you noticed.
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