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Ammo Rubberbands, Camo
Ammo Rubberbands, Camo
Style # 10016
Sku # 90-TG063

who knew rubber bands could be this much fun? put away your plastic weapons and mold these rubber bands into weapons for your next super secret mission!

peacemaker rubber bands come in two models: “ninja gear” and “ammunition.” they are made of eco-friendly silicone rubber and are non-poisonous, non-odorous and non-hazardous. best of all, they have been designed to withstand the tests of time and provide the perfect backup for your next imaginary battle!

material: eco-friendly silicone rubber
dimensions: 2.2" length x 0.9" width x 0.1" depth
Eco-Friendly Silicone Rubber
In 2004, the founder of 25togo, mr. shawn ho, started a design blog introducing design projects from around the world. by 2007, the blog accumulated so much popularity that shawn decided to start his own business. 25togo design studio was born. shawn named the brand 25togo to mark this particular time in his life when everything was beginning “togo.” 25togo design quickly evolved from a client based design studio to creating products that transform exceptional ideas into functional everyday objects. 25togo design is an extremely well-known retailer in taiwan with a strong portfolio of brand-owned products. 25togo’s dynamic design team embraces the childlike spirit of “i can do it,” as they passionately capture the fun, humorous time of our lives when everything is possible. the designers feel that products should be mini pieces of art, and tell a story, all while being practical for everyday use.
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