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this design is part of the wildlife collection inspired by rare, endangered, or extraordinary animal species; in this case, the black widow spider. we started with bibs, which we reinvented into different necklace structures. the piece is made of cut beads carefully hand-stitched by our women artisans. simple and easy to pair with your daily wear.

country of origin: philippines
Cut Beads Acrylic Beads Back of the necklace covered with satin fabric
“palamuti” is a filipino word when translated into english means; trinket, ornament, decoration or accent. our costume jewelries are made by a woman, who was inspired to create by thoughts and feelings invoked by womanhood, transcending them to accessories catering to every woman’s desires. behind every piece is a vision of creating customized and original costume jewelry for today's modern woman. all handmade palamuti costume jewelries and accessories are painstakingly improved through a continuous process of learning and refining of techniques, which fuse modern and traditional methods. our customized products are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind creations. each individual piece is an expression of art, beauty, and style interwoven with stories of wonderful women who have been inspirational to the birth of these pieces.
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