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Mummy Baby Necklace
Mummy Baby Necklace
Style # 15727
Sku # 171-N-MBS

a great gift for new or expecting mothers! i lovingly hand cast this sweet piece wit in my forest studio in northern arizona.

was this perfect child a gift to the ancient gods? immortalized in infant form to be loved through the ages… or egypt’s greatest pharaoh that never was… what story does this tiny decrepit creature tell? what is your story of mummy baby?

charm is about 3/4 of an inch tall. chain is 16-18 inches in length.

care instructions- do not use jewelry ‘dip’ to clean this piece. this will remove the intentional patina that has been added to the low points for depth, character, and interest. a jewelry polishing cloth is a great way to keep this piece shining for years to come.

hand made in the usa

sterling silver
Having begun my work as a silversmith in southern california, i now live and work in the forest of northern arizona. from my time as a coastal dweller, my relationship to ocean and coastline is a constant source of inspiration. i’m drawn to the lunar, the feminine and the mysterious. i find beauty in natures imperfections, and this beauty is what i strive for in my own work. i prefer ancient methods, and the most elemental forms of working. there is magic in the manipulation, melting and pouring of molten metal, shaping it into forms of my own creation. the element of ritual, of intention, is found in each piece.
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