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Shield Ring
Shield Ring
Style # 517
Sku # 45999

this shield pendant replicates a vintage charm that we found. the shield is a symbol of strength and protection. shield and adjustable open ring band made with reclaimed brass. shield approx. 0.6 x 0.75 inch.

One Size
Hovey grew up in hong kong and came to the united states for her degree in information science at the university of michigan. in ann arbor, she attended student jewelry workshops and developed an intense interest in jewelry history and techniques. after graduation she moved to new york then san francisco. once there, she made a collection of jewelry and entered gen art fresh faces in fashion and was selected the accessory winner in 2006. in the following years she earned the gemological institute of america's professional certificate. with the constant encouragement and support from her friends and family, hovey launched her jewelry line and instantly captured the attention of the fashion and art communities. hovey's collection is inspired by both design forms and by world cultures. she studies the essential design elements from different ethnic styles and fuses them with her california sensibility to create a stylish, interesting, and fresh look.
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