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Vintage Encanto Ring
Vintage Encanto Ring
Style # 8635
Sku # 14-V-ENCAN-R
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vintage brass adorn with pearls and rhinestones set atop of a rectangle vegetable ivory ring on its natural color. available in size 7.

Available in size 7.
Elbeto is owned and operated by lorena gaitan since october 2004, and now, is a well established colombian designer jewelry company. elbeto gathers the most talented colombian jewelry designers and also has a in-house jewelry designers group developing eco and earthy jewelry for overseas markets. using materials from rainforests such as seeds, tree bark, amazonian fibers, elbeto’s work, is inspired by native art, and is produced with a strong focus on conservation of nature and the environment. elbeto’s work helps support local communities whose sole source of income comes from their traditional arts and crafts.
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