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Exist III Tee
Exist III Tee
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the fashion centric woman in the middle of the shirt represents a previous generational mindset of self centeredness. in the corner is the image of a faceless old man, reminding us that people must realize that "we do not exist for ourselves" as the monk thomas merton said. finally, the geometric webbing shows the connection between all generations.
65% Poly 35% Rayon
All the above clothing is dedicated to creating high-quality, stylishly inspired clothing that fosters self expression. we believe that fashion is one of the truest outlets for expressing oneself, and we aim to deliver fashion with a deeper meaning. all the above clothing is driven to support non-profits through fashionable, artistic and premium apparel. our heart is to support charitable efforts by providing an additional platform and revenue stream to build awareness and capacity for worthy causes. we support non-profits through the ata gives 10% and ata gives 100% programs.
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