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Faceted Pebble Amethyst Bracelet
Faceted Pebble Amethyst Bracelet
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this 7.5 inch bracelet features 9mm x 6mm faceted pebble amethyst beads and a 18 x 22mm gold vermeil clasp.
bracelet length is: 1.5mm. vermeil gold clasp is: 18 x 22mm. faceted amethyst stones size: 9mm x 6mm. delicate and handmade.
made in the usa.
Amethyst Stone
SÍ・sÍ is the fateful culmination of two mexican jewelry designers, born thousands of miles apart. arnold castellanos and natalia camarena each began designing jewelry over a decade ago - both designers were inspired by their rich mexican heritage fused with their love of contemporary fashion icons. but it wasn’t until their paths crossed in los angeles that everything would change. arnold and natalia began combining their ideas to create truly unique pieces of wearable art and instantly-recognizable fashion accessories. their pieces are bold and exciting combinations of metals and natural stones, invoking feelings of rich history and an ‘avant garde’ style. now, for the first time ever, their collaboration can be seen in the latest collection from sÍ・sÍ. each of their handmade jewelry pieces are as unique as the person wearing them. sÍ・sÍ is proudly based in los angeles where all of their unique jewelry continues to be handmade.
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