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Floridian Body Butter
Floridian Body Butter
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this is a pure body butter made with concentrated natural ingredients and nothing more. it will melt in heat and on contact with skin, making it an amazing moisturizer for hands, feet and over all body hydration. glides on. experience it for yourself!

history of the orange: christopher columbus is credited with bringing the first citrus fruits to florida during his first voyage. a few decades later in 1513, the spanish explorer ponce de leon planted the first orange groves in florida. the orange was immediately embraced by the local population who continued to cultivate the tropical fruit for centuries before the citrus industry was born. it’s no surprise that the orange is florida’s state fruit. the surprise is that it was not named so until 2005. symbolic of luxury, growth, and health, oranges suit florida both culturally and agriculturally.

rich in vitamin c, the orange fruit is the true fountain of youth that so many explorers and settlers lusted after.
INGREDIENTS: made with organic shea butter, colloidal silver & natural oil and extract blends of fresh Florida essential oils.
Terra dolce: (sweet earth) inspiring, natural beauty aromas from the sweet earth- terra dolce. we optimize what nature already offers with creative combination blends that leave your skin in harmony & beautifully balanced company nurtured by nature, cultivated by artisanal methods. terra dolce is a family owned company that evolved from a genuine love of plants (sweet earth) and passion for exploring ways they can nourish and support human life. "cruelty free" products are paraben & sulfate free. all of our products are also vegan and incorporate nourishing botanical extracts & essential oils. with every purchase of terra dolce, a tree is planted.
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