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Elephant Ponytail Holder
Elephant Ponytail Holder
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you will be delighted as you pal around with this enchanting little gray elephant. he won’t forget how much fun it is to be in your hair and to be your best friend.
100% Polyester
The designer the first ponytail pals collection was based on an intuitive concept combining the utility of a ponytail holder with the friendship and emotional connection of a cuddly stuffed animal. these ponytail holders become little buddies and trusted companions, so they will be invited to the next “tea party with the teddy’s,” and all the other fun things little girls love to do with their pals. designer lisa moy tells us: “a few years back, i was in working in new york and during a lunch break i stopped into a baby boutique packed with great stuff. i found a baby blanket and bought it just because it had the most adorable little bunny sewn into it. i got home and immediately cut the bunny off and attached it on to an elastic ponytail band. every time i wore that ponytail holder people would stop me and ask where i got it. once, a woman actually offered me twenty dollars for it. that started my search for the small, cute, stuffed animals i needed to make more! i bought a set of finger puppets and cut all the heads off to make my first prototypes. that was the beginning of my brand. the designs were inspired by my most special memories of childhood - a time of curiosity, discovery and love.” lisa moy lisa moy’s journey into children’s accessories started with a passion for design and a love for kids and animals. through her graphic design firm moy creative, she has put her unique visual style into every imaginable type of collateral from annual reports and brochures to corporate videos and advertising campaigns. moy’s clients include high profile non-profit and corporate brands including boys & girls clubs of america, mlb - major league baseball, harley davidson, kohler company, societe generale, one of the world’s largest banking groups, and excalibur automobile company. walk into moy’s design space and you will see her playful personality in action through her whimsical interior design style (see moy’s studio as featured in milwaukee magazine march 2011 - link). at any point, you’ll see new holiday decorations and toys that she shares with her little nieces who come to visit. also filling the space are moy’s beloved rescue dogs buddy, chester and jeff, the latest of a long line of pets from frogs, turtles, guinea pigs, bunnies, fish, cats and a snake that moy has adopted over the years. she even paid homage to her furry friends with the design of a children’s book (link to boomer and grover’s very merry christmas). with moy’s ‘kid-at-heart’ style, designing a ponytail pals line for girls was a natural transition which enabled her to bring together all the things that she loves most.
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