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Punta Negra Necklace
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simple, chic, and undeniably mujus. with its sleek shape and vavoom colors, this necklace might just be the look that started it all.

indigenous to south america, tagua is a very cool plant. its seeds are easily carved, durable, and have a look and feel like ivory. but unlike ivory, they take rich dyes incredibly well, and don't harm any elephant friends. it's a win-win, if you ask us!
Tagua seeds, Suede leather tie
My name is paola delgado, and i started mujus in 2011 after working for years on wall street, with the desire to do something more fulfilling and philanthropic. with that in mind, i put my new york life on hold to travel peru in search of inspiration. in my travels, i discovered communities who use amazonian seeds to handmake beautiful jewelry and studied with these artisans for months to learn all i could. our partnership became the birth of mujus, a name that means 'seed' in quechua, the ancient language of peru. mujus prides itself in using only sustainable materials of the highest quality, and providing educational opportunities, healthcare benefits and fair trade wages to our wonderful artisans. i hope you enjoy this small piece of my history.
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