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Blu-Ray Writer Tray-Loading USB 3.0 - Black
Blu-Ray Writer Tray-Loading USB 3.0 - Black
Style # 14364

nothing can compare to the quality and storage size of a blu-ray. don't miss out the opportunity to burn high-definition blu-ray discs of your digital media or watch your favorite blu-ray movies on your computer. the pawtec slim external usb 3.0 aluminum tray-loading bdxl blu-ray writer / burner in black is a must-have accessory for your desktop or laptop.

modern design and features
the pawtec blu-ray writer / burner has a slim and sleek design. at less than an inch thick this lightweight unit can fit virtually anywhere. constructed out of durable aluminum, the blu-ray writer-burner has a sleek black finish not found on any other writer unit on the market and will help you stand out from all the rest.

high-speed writing and functionality
in addition to its unique design, the pawtec blu-ray writer / burner’s industry-leading writing feature is truly one-of-a-kind. the writer burns cd discs at up to 24x, dvd discs at up to 8x, and blu-ray discs at up to 6x. burn multiple blu-ray formats with support of bdxl 100gb and 128gb disc. see technical details below for more information on what read and write speeds are supported.

simple to use
with the pawtec blu-ray writer / burner, setup is truly effortless. the plug-n-play design allows you to simply connect this to your computer with the included usb cable and then begin reading or burning blu-ray, cd and dvd discs. because it has usb 3.0 capabilities, the writer-burner is 10 times faster than models that work on the usb 2.0 system, yet is still compatible with usb 2.0 and 1.0/1.1.

technical details
- works with windows 2000, xp, vista, 7, 8 and mac os x
- plug and play – just plug into your usb port and the writer will be detected.
- usb 3.0 – allows for faster performance while still being compatible with usb 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0.
- ability to read and write cd, dvd and blu-ray discs.
- constructed with industry leading tray loading blu-ray writer.
- product dimensions: 6 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches ; 11 ounces
- shipping weight: 1.3 pounds

writing speed
- 24x cdr
- 16x cdrw
- 8x dvd-r
- 8x dvd+r
- 6x dvd-rw
- 8x dvd+rw
- 6x dvd-r dl
- 4x dvd+r dl
- 5x dvd-ram
- 6x bd-r sl (blu-ray write single layer)
- 6x bd-r dl (blu-ray write dual layer)
- 4x bd-r tl (blu-ray write triple layer)
- 4x bd-r ql (blu-ray write quad layer)
- 2x bd-re sl (blu-ray rewrite single layer)
- 2x bd-re dl (blu-ray rewrite dual layer)
- 2x bd-re tl (blu-ray rewrite triple layer)
- xl bd-re ql (blu-ray rewrite quad layer)

reading speed
- 6x bd-rom (blu-ray read)
- 24x cd
- 8x dvd
- 5x dvd-ram

eco-friendly, recyclable packaging includes:
- external blu-ray writer
- usb 3.0 cable
- usb power cable for an additional power (not required but included)
burning software is not included.
Pawtec is known to bring lifestyle products to accessorize your needs for mobile, computing and electronics. based out of los angeles, california, pawtec is the premier source for the highest quality products in the industry.
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