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Anatomical Double Cuff bracelet
Anatomical Double Cuff bracelet
Style # 10940
Sku # 91-TLCFF
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this is a constructive piece, made to impress. are 2 cuffs connected by a tube, creating an amazing perspective on your wrist. size is adjustable (both cuffs are open) to customize it to your own arm.
the total size is 4" long.
the double cuff is available in 24k gold-plated white or yellow.
Bronze, gold-plated Bronze, white-gold-plated
Nicolas ambrosio is a founder & creative mind of ambrosio jewelry. born in argentina, nicolas lives between milan and new york where he designs and produces his jewelry. his design ideas come from the research of regular day-life objects and the combination of them with his great passion of  the art history and ethnical cultures from all around the world. after traveling and exploring many different places around the globe, he came up with an idea of transforming those simple objects into fashionable wearable items, to give them a new life and a new story. each piece of his collections is a unique expression of love and respect for the nature, which makes them one-of-a-kind. the concept is a philosophical rambling that he enjoys, and transports him to all those anchored memories, following strict rules of design and italian craftsmanship. ambrosio's goal is to evoke something special inside every person who chooses the jewel of his desire.
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