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we created the trend-setting merika light-weight wind breaker jacket because we felt our clients merited something both functional and fashionable. most wind breakers we find to be rather "blah" in their form, so anatomie's designers came up with something better with today's woman in mind. worry not, we thought of the wind too. all of anatomie's fine garments are made with an innovative system of versatile, high performance fibers used to create designer clothing that is lightweight, protective and resistant. engineered for quick-drying and exceptional comfort.


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The brain child of kate and shawn boyer, anatomie is a designer fashion brand. the collection was with today’s woman in mind and encompasses the areas of high-performance workout wear to modern designer sportswear. kate describes her creations as sophisticated and sexy, just like the women who wear them. anatomie’s collection draws inspiration from the most highly-regarded european fashion houses, and is designed to flatter the female form in a way that bespeaks class, elegance and style. anatomie’s formative period dates back nearly a decade to the time when kate traveled from her native hungary to the southern french town of montpelier to purse an mba in international trade. it was there that a former gymnast of teenage girls for the french aerobic championships, which is a highly coveted title they won and held for three consecutive years. for competitions, kate outfitted her young gymnasts in attire she had designed initially to wear herself. it didn’t take long for the self-taught designer to discover and to capitalize on the potential of her clothing line. from montpelier kate traveled to the antilles, st barth’s to continue her professional focus as a fitness instructor, working at various elite beach resorts that encouraged her to develop their private label collections. kate and shawn first met in miami, where he was designing fashion apparel for hard-to-fit athletic men. the creative couple have since designed collections for elite models, fashion sport, cigarette offshore racing and lamborghini, to name just a few. anatomie’s guiding philosophy has always been functional fashion. the foundation of their collection is high-performance designer french and italian fabrics that are durable enough to meet the demands of extreme sports. anatomie translates those fabrics into a sophisticated sexy silhouette that is minimalist, durable and ultra-modern.
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