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Brahman Ring
Brahman Ring
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brahman is the ultimate essence of material phenomena (including the original identity of the human self) that cannot be seen or heard but whose nature can be known through the development of self-knowledge. dimension: 5cmx6cm one-of-a-kind, silver & gold metal wire, gold brass chains, pearl beads, 2 rhinestones. made in usa. available in ring size 8.

Available in size 8
Born in los angeles and raised in echo park, to the parents of mexican and salvadorian decent, veronica didn't have many opportunities that many colleagues had. her passion for creating eclectic, dynamic, and sexy jewelry began as a hobby of winding unique stones with metal and expanded slowly into her own signature style of jewelry. taking with her the experiences of someone who didn't always have everything she wanted, veronica decided that pet pigeons jewelry would be handcrafted with non-precious metals, minerals, crystals, quartz and polished-stones that innately vary in shape, size, color. the natural inclusions can be seen as part of their real element. the value of each piece is intrinsic, the process is pure. veronica lopez is an artist by design and not by choice. her work speaks to the honesty of hard work, unique vision and inner joy.
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